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Feed the needy- this is a fundraiser campaign who's donation will be used in providing a meal a day for the underprivileged only for Rs 50/- and a ration kit for the whole week. It is said that There’s enough on this planet for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed.” We know that a peaceful world cannot exist one-third rich and two-thirds hungry. If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. We may be comfortably living in our apartments or houses. We may not be getting affected by hunger during this time of despair. But there are so many people out there who may not have eaten a proper meal in the last few days. The turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is playing havoc in the lives of millions of people from all around the world. We are all in this together. We all can do our bit. Let's feed the hungry and help the less fortunate among us. Together with the help of Sakonsa you can make this world a better place..


Not all superheroes wear cape some wear Masks, gloves and police uniform. This pandemic has claimed about 4 lakh lives, pummeled GDP of many countries and shaken the governments but it has failed to break the spirit of of some people who work day in and day out in extreme conditions to keep us safe and well.  These brave heroes that are in the frontline during this crisis include healthcare professionals, Police, cleaners, crematorium workers and countless others who have taken the responsibility of keeping us safe and healthy on their shoulders.  As a responsible citizen, it’s our duty to appreciate all the Corona warriors who are outside fighting the pandemic while we stay inside our home.  So,   SAKONSA came up with the campaign “ENCOURAGE THE COURAGE“  as a thank you to all the Sanitation workers, police, doctors  and to all the people who were prioritizing keeping the world safe and healthy over their individual interests. We encouraged people to write few words of appreciation for all the people with essential services and post it on instagram to repay the tremendous debt of gratitude we owe them. The response we got was very overwhelming and we thank you all for the coordinated gesture of support.

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In India, only 12% women and girls have access to sanitary menstrual hygiene and in that too majority of the girls and women rely on unhygienic and outdated methods during their menstrual cycle so it was high time for us to raise awareness about this issue and make girls and women see that it is nothing to be ashamed about. To encourage people to talk candidly about menstruation UNICEF INDIA  started the RED DOT CHALLENGE for creating awareness about menstruation and encouraging people to talk about it more candidly to end the stigma around it. Sakonsa partnered with UNICEF INDIA and encouraged people to post a picture of a red dot on their palm to promote facts on menstrual hygiene and to inspire  all–men, boys, women and girls to talk about menstruation without any shame. 

This campaign aimed at spreading awareness on the various taboo surrounding menstruation and bust myths that have always projected menstruating women and girls as a “ non entity of the society” during the menstruating period. Since many years many  girls and women have followed a set of restrictions when it comes to talking about periods openly and it was considered their “ dirtly little secret “. But now it’s time to make people understand that it is all-natural and period shaming is notokay! 


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