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1. What is Sakonsa organisation?

  • Started operation through Punjabi University, Patiala

  • Established chapters throughout schools and colleges in Punjab.

  • Inspired by United Nations’ entities for 17 SDGs.

  • Working on Goal 4, Quality Education.

  • Established & Registered in August, 2018 with MCA

  • Sakonsa is an India based, volunteer run, non-profit, non-religious, non- political organisation working to ensure health, education and rural development for underprivileged children and women in India.

2. What is Sakonsa’s vision ?

•    The vision of Sakonsa is simple, to introduce the sustainable development goals to young generation through different projects which aims at eradicating poverty, gender inequality, discrimination from our society and raise awareness about fraud calls, female hygiene and menstruation.Also bridging the gap between Rural and Urban areas which Will create a direct support to humanitarian community not only in India but worldwide.We aspire to empower 100000 people by next year by the help of technology as well as empathy and build a society where people have access to basic human needs, have better economic and social opportunities and have awareness about their duties and rights.Our aim is to prepare every eligible youth in India to connect with all the 8 important goals of United Nations and also help the youth to become a responsible participating citizen and work for the welfare of people in our society and most important for humanity.

3. Does Sakonsa staff get paid?

•    No. All directors and staff members are volunteers. Despite our heavy academic and professional commitments, we donate our time and energy because we strongly believe that together we can make a real difference to improve the life of underprivileged people.

4.  Is it safe donating online and uploading card details online?

•    Yes it is completely safe as the donation link is supported by PATYM , UPI , PHONE-PAY. If you have are still doubtful , you can contact us through our social media pages and website.

5.  Why it started ?

•    The campaign is started considering the food insecurity of millions of people in our country who will grapple with food shortage because of a nationwide lockdown.

6. How can you donate ?

•    You can donate by going to the link given below:-

For more details visit (our website URL) or (insta handle)

7. How will the fund be utilized ?

•    For every 50 rupees you pay we give One day meal to an underprivileged person.For every 250 rupees, an indigent person who is affected by this crisis gets dry ration sufficient for one week.

8. which states are we covering ?

•    The states having more number of migrants ; we are targeting Bihar and UP right now , hope to stretch it to all over India in the future.

9 . what does the dry ration include?

•    The dry ration kit will include ; 2 kg rice, 2kg flour , 500 grams pulses , potatoes 1 kg , oil 250 gram, soap 1 pc , biscuit 1 packet and 1 mask.

10. what is the #feedtheneedy campaign ?

•    Due to strict lockdown conditions, millions of labour workers and low income families lost their jobs. They had to migrate from the place they used to work to their native villages. They have almost no money in hand which means they may suffer from starvation. Sakonsa has started this campaign to provide poor families and migrant workers with the most basic provision i.e. FOOD.

11. How can you help ?

•    You can help provide food for these families, simply by making a donation of as low as Rs.50. Hundreds of responsible citizens have already made the donations. You can make your donation here ( Even if you cannot donate, the least you can do is share this campaign with your friends and families.

12. What is Milaap ?

•    Milaap is India's largest crowdfunding platform. This organisation has already helped in raising funds for lakhs of needy people and will continue to do so. They have also waived off any fees on the #feedtheneedy campaign, therefore, your donations directly go to those in utter need.

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