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Partner With Us

Sakonsa is home to people who take the United Nations initiative in their souls to serve society. We aim to build a society where everyone has access to basic human needs. All this is possible because of partners who contribute more than money. We are deeply grateful to our partners for their generous contributions to long-lasting support, quality goods, and funds.

Our partners strive hard to deliver the best innovative and effective projects that can curb illiteracy and poverty from the society. The volunteer support and progressive ideas push us towards our Vision and Mission. We collaborate to open up myriad opportunities for the youngsters who are the pillars of the nation.

Together, we address complex issues and successfully leverage our resources to provide essential programming and services. With support from our partners, we can continue creating new services in response to needs with attention to both the quality and quantity of the assistance we provide. Together we make a successful recipe for making this world a better place to live.

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