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Fighting Fungal Diseases: All Preventive Measures You Need To Know

The list of diseases that are currently prevalent in the world is surprisingly ever-growing, with the outbreaks of various fungal diseases, it is difficult to keep up with all the precautionary measures so here is where you can find everything needed to protect yourself and your loved ones from infection. Before we begin, let's understand what these diseases are.

Fungal diseases

Fungal diseases, unlike viral diseases, are curable, though difficult it is possible to remain calm and don't panic, as per some sources the cause of the disease is lack of maintenance of used oxygen support or misuse of steroids useful for treating COVID. Each infection of fungal disease has different symptoms, one causes lack of appetite and weight loss (yellow fungus), while another causes COVID-like symptoms (white fungus) and one causes double vision, blockage of the nasal cavity, etc. (black fungus). If ignored there are all equally deadly, but treatable if reported at the right time.

Cautions for the infected

The first and most important step is to be sure, if you are not infected and believe to be so it will cause unnecessary panic in the community and several conditions make you more susceptible to these diseases like

1) Extensive history of respiratory support

2) Extensive history of use of medical steroids

3) Recently recovered from a COVID infection

4) Undergoing chemotherapy

5) Have a compromised immune response

6) Have a history of uncontrolled diabetes

If you have none of these you are likely safe, but it's better to get it checked before it escalates. It must be known these fungal infections aren't new, every day we breathe in and breathe out millions of fungal spores, and we never get infected so it's better to not panic, however, if it is known that you are infected wear a mask every time you are interacting with another person.

Precautions for the uninfected

To be honest, no one knows, because these fungi produce spores that are so small and practically impossible to get rid of, so no matter how many air purifiers, masks, etc. are used there's no real guarantee to not be infected, but on the bright side unlike viruses these organisms are living so they follow some basic rules that almost all living cells follow that is they require

1) Moisture for multiplying

2) Humid conditions for development

If proper, dry masks are worn then it is unlikely that you may get infected, use and throw masks should be used and thrown, washed masks should be dried properly after every use.

Steam is now considered a good way to prevent COVID infection and is advised to take 2-3 times a day, but some studies have shown that over steaming can result in aggregation of this fungal infection therefore it is only advised to take it if you go outside and are in direct risk of COVID.

In General, the tips to increase immunity should not be neglected and should be given high priority. Foodstuffs that are rich in C vitamins, D vitamins, zinc, proteins, etc. should be taken regularly. Vitamin tablets should be taken under medical supervision or after consulting a doctor, they should not be overused, as they may not be needed in the body and would just be a waste. It is however extremely important to maintain an overall balanced diet.

For more information, you can checkout 'black fungus: all you need to know on Instagram at @sakonsaorg

Summing it up: should I be worried?

Well, it's on the grey side of things, if you are not infected, there's absolutely nothing to be worried about and precautionary measures will help you stay out of it, and even if you infected and show some symptoms and test positive, nothing to be worried about but if you have been infected for few weeks then its alarming as these fungal infections are serious cases where the damage gets progressive like lack of breath, necrosis (permanent death of cells) and can even damage the brain and worsen the person's health. Hence, start your antifungal medication as soon as possible and get isolated by staying home and staying safe.

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