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Gender Equality: Faraway Dream

The title itself suggests the harsh reality of today’s world. In the year 2021, we are talking about Gender Equality which means we haven’t progressed enough in past centuries even after the introduction of technology, freedom, increased education quality, etc So, what may be the reasons we still are in the talk about gender equality?

Why is it a United Nations goal to achieve gender equality?

Population Dilemma:

The segregation of the world population is almost 50-50 with both gender inclusion. But there are many differences in living standards, education, employment, etc. The literacy rate of women is less. The inclusion of women in the workforce is barely 20% of the total workforce on the planet. The wage disparity is present in every sector of the economy for the same work that is done by both men and women.

A study suggests, one in every four girls is out of school or training worldwide in the age group of 15 to 19 while it is 1 in 10 for boys. The achievements of women are not appreciated in today’s world. The literacy rate, employment rate, and life expectancy of women are increasing day by day but the social issues she faces every day are increasing too.

The women at the workplace are facing mental abuse, the disparity in payments, gender hierarchy in getting promotions, negotiable recognition of work, etc daily. Socially awkward situations in public places are common sights for women. Not only do they face social disparities at each step but they need to keep mum about it because we as a society are not ready to face the allegations.

The same is the case with the transgender community; the social segregation the trans people and lack of awareness about their mindset have weakened them. The social view of looking at trans people, their achievements, etc are ignored. The rights of the LGBTQ community are not accepted in many countries. The assertions, statements by common people hurt their feelings every day. So we need to retrospect ourselves to have an equal vision towards everyone.


As the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations suggest, gender equality is not just a fundamental right, but the way of living human life for a better, prosperous and peaceful future. UN also reported that due to the pandemic the progress of working of SDG 5 that is to Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls, is stunted. Domestic violence has increased, the number of girls taking education has decreased, child marriage has increased, etc. therefore, fulfilment of all SDGs is important and we as a society need to work on it.

Human beings are just not named sacks but we need to prove our humanity by accepting all sects and gender for a prosperous society. We can not hold back people from their basic rights. The discrimination among boys and girl starts at home and if we are setting a goal for gender equality then we must need to look at our homes first. Equal rights to education, equal representation at the workplace, equal compensation for work, respectful behaviour in public places can be the small steps to achieve the big goal of gender equality.

Not just financial independence but also the equal right to make decisions are the easiest ways in which we can achieve the goal of gender equality as citizens of the global world. Women who are working professionally or the ones who are homemakers can have the right to decide for a home or her child. The girl who is willing to pursue her education, or willing to work outside has the right to do so.

The trans person who wants to run for an MLA seat has a right to do so. We just need to extend our support to the decisions they make without worrying about results. Because efforts done with pure intentions are bound to yield positive outcomes.

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contribution of half its citizens”.

- Michelle Obama

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