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Indian Education System - A call for reform

Albert Einstein said, "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think "

INDIA ranked 72nd, the second-lowest among 73 countries in a program for INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSESSMENT (PISA) for 15 years.

Why is this the high time to change the system?

'Students are stressed,'

'Parents are stressed,'

'Teachers are stressed.'

When everyone is not doing what they want, then how will the country grow!! We are still focusing on the rat race everyone is running in.

'ROTE LEARNING,' an unnecessary pressure to finish the syllabus and inadequate training to the teachers, has resulted in "THE COLLAPSED EDUCATION IN INDIA."

For the development of the nation, we need a more efficient and empirical studying method. Remember GURUKUL's time when GURUS sat under a tree where students were taught practical knowledge while performing experimentations.

Those were the 'golden days' when many discoveries were made as students were keen to find answers for new phenomena happening or happen.

When British rule was brought here, the teachers were asked to give specific information, and students expected to learn it. So we are still relying on the same education system that was implemented hundred years ago, and it's high time to bring changes by giving every student the knowledge and the right to choose what they want to learn after the correct age.

Why is India still a developing country?

High rates of illiteracy are there because of the language barrier as of the British rule of Education. Some people still are uncomfortable studying the language, so they tend to lack Education and knowledge. The unprivileged family requires money, And in India, the fees of English medium school is much higher than the wages, so in the end, they can't afford the expenses of English medium school.

Still, the education language is English, and everyone is considered to be illiterate. Yet, he or she knows the language that pushes unprivileged people more down. The privileged ones probably want or are studying outside India to match up to the world and raise standards matching up to other countries. And the probably leave the heritage that our nation has.

To increase literacy rates in India, we need to ban this language barrier in the languages that should be used here and always take our heritage with us rather than running and matching up with other countries and competing them in the Sense of culture.

Reasons why we need to revitalize the education system of India:

"Relevant Education is equal to the vitalization of development "

As it works like a life cycle that needs to be running for the country's development for its betterment, always working for the revitalization to keep it healthy so that it goes on.

Equal respect for every subject and emphasis on creativity and innovation. Many people in India can't make the right decisions to choose history, and even they do not have the right to select. Maybe there is no education-related sector, or they do not have the value of starting that sector. Hence, every industry, whether it is the medical non-medical or arts, should be given equal importance.

Unhealthy competition

In India, since primary grade, we are taught to compete with each other in terms of marks celebrating the student getting the highest grades in which average students feel left out. It is entrenched in our minds that either you get the top rank or nothing at all. We forgot the best invention and discovery I have done by so-called average students. Only we need to come out of this debt trap of show-offs and celebrate the uniqueness of every student's kindness and contribute to society in any terms.

Better training of educators is needed.

Even if the syllabus had started to Include methodologies based on project learning and activity learning, these methodologies are sophisticated, and the system thought that they would know how to get about teaching.

The results are chaotic. There is so much pressure on students for learning and written work that they can't give time to activity and project-based learning, so we can say that a heavy burden is given to them.

Vast curriculum

By this, we have come to know a new problem that is heavy curricular. "Why are we learning this" or "What is the need for this concept to be taught" is the only question popping in our minds time and again.

The curriculum is also designed to fit all students in it, whether the learner is slow or fast we are teaching them complex concepts. So there must be a personalization of Education.

Evaluation system

Instead of focusing on three, you are examinations, the focus of evaluation should be questioning participation bus to the project communication leadership skills and extracurricular activity. Every student should be marked upon personality development. How much personality they have developed during the academic year, what changes can be seen in that the student must be considered while evaluation should be done.

Introduction to technology at an earlier stage

As we know, the future is related to technology. If you have the right technology, the future will also be sold at an early stage. We should introduce different learning technological languages to the students in school only. So at this age of graduation, they will have a better choice to choose what technologies they want to learn more.

We can say that Education does not depend only on the changes that we need to take in the education system but also changes the mentality of students, teachers, and parents. It will be for the betterment of the society in the coming years to educate more and more people around us, whether free of cost for taking tuition classes and giving the levels online courses providing people access to technology.

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