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Nature: Its interactions with mankind and its impacts.

Nature is needless to say essential for the survival of any species. Nature can be thought of as the interaction of various species with each other, therefore nature and the existence of any form of life go hand in hand. This just reminds us, humans, that there are other species other than ourselves, in this blog we are going through the effects that we have caused in nature.

Requirement of Nature:

Nature in simple terms can be thought of as an equation that adds up to 0, the damage of 1 group of species is neutralized with the help of another species, and this chain that links us all can be called nature. This is observed through various cycles, incomplete chains, and flowcharts, etc. It must be remembered that nature is composed of both biotic and abiotic components. The abiotic components are not involved in interactions on a large scale, but rather provide a base/medium for the development of the other component that is the biotic factor that is involved in the interactions.

Human interactions with nature:

Human-like any other species are based on interaction with other species. We depend on nature for practically everything from oxygen to food to the decay of our dead bodies. All of our needs are satisfied directly or indirectly through plants. we humans use everything that we can to make our lives better while doing so we knowingly or unknowingly neglect the future impact on nature among many such practices are the reckless use of fossil fuels, reckless deforestation, not allowing nature to regenerate naturally are some of the few crimes that we commit as a species. Everything we do affects some other organism which in turn affects some other organism and eventually ends up affecting us, reminding us that we are not the only ones on the planet.

Is it fair?

Even though nature doesn’t favour humans in any way and considers all species equal as it should but we as humans do very little for nature as compared to other species, everything that we do is motivated by the personal gain that is gained of the species, even our research is mostly centred on the development of humans while doing so we make our processes more efficient we ignore the impact of it on the environment. So, it is high time that we pay back what nature has given us.

What currently concerns us? And why?

The current concern among many others is global warming and climate change. Climate has begun to change and is consistently getting hotter; this is resulting in the melting of icecaps is predicted to result in the flooding of major landmasses through an increase in the sea level, this effect will be first on the islands of the world and won't take too long to affect larger landmasses if keep up this pace.

Measures were taken against climate change

Many countries and organizations are working constantly to prevent and even reverse the damage that was caused among many such organizations are Balajee Sewa Sansthan (BSS), ASSIST, Haritika, and even Sakonsa. Among the measures that were taken by the Indian government are various regulations on the quality of vehicles, like PUC certificates (pollution under control), mandatory change of vehicles every 15 years, etc.


Humans should understand that they are a part of the ecosystem and not the ecosystem itself. Therefore, everything they do will affect them, directly or indirectly the reckless use of fossil fuels, the release of CFC’s (chloro-fluoro carbons) into the atmosphere have all affected our lives adversely in many ways so we as humans should take charge and start making the right kind of change on the climate for the betterment of humans and all other species residing on this planet.

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