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What is personal hygiene? Tips & benefits of having personal hygiene

personal hygiene
personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is something that everybody should be aware of. It is taught by the parents and teachers in childhood but still, people lack this.

For every human personal hygiene is as important as daily food. Personal hygiene gives us healthy and disease-free life. Hygiene is defined as the science and practice of maintaining good health. Personal hygiene is taken care of one's own body.

Four main aspects of personal hygiene are

1. Cleanliness.

2. rest and sleep.

3. physical exercise.

4. healthy habits.

We can maintain personal hygiene by following some of the measures that helps us to attain disease free life.

  • Practicing of belief and wash with soap before food is very important.

  • Many of the people ignore proper hand wash after using toilet for washrooms. Practicing of hand wash with soap after use of toilet is very important. Proper and particular cleansing and drawing of various Clefts and folds of skin like arms legs and toes.

  • Proper and daily washing of undergarments and handkerchiefs. Prevent forcing and regular combing of hair gives not only healthy hair but also free from parasites like head lice. Brushing teeth twice daily keeps teeth free from germs and infection.

  • Always while sneezing or coughing, hold a handkerchief in front of nose and mouth.

  • Eye care is also much important as part of hygiene. Cleaning of eyes regularly with clear water two or three times a day prevents from infection.

  • The ears are also one of the important organs in our body we should be cleaned properly and regularly. The wax that is formed in the ear should clean with soft swab. Don't put any sharp object into the ear which damaged the ear drum.

  • A systematic physical exercise is necessary for every age group like children adolescent, young and old people. Physical exercise improves blood circulation.

  • Every organ in our body needs raised organ obtained rest when we sleep. Every age group required and sound sleep on average of 6 hours per day. Everyone should make a habit of going to bed regularly wake up regularly and taking food at regular interval and time.

  • Usage of tobacco should be avoided which is injurious to health and leads to cancer.

  • Consuming of alcoholic beverage is also injurious to health.

  • On the other side cleanliness of house is very important the room should be well ventilated for fresh air, oxygen and sunlight.

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