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Yoga and Sustainable Health

Yoga is one of the best solutions to present-day stress. As the pandemic is going on, many depressing thoughts and things are happening to us and around us too. The anxiety of not doing anything or the frustrating daily routine has given us the worst nightmares of all times in human history in the aspect of mental health.

To deal with this situation we are taking the help of many coping mechanisms or just sitting around and trying to digest all that is happening. As lockdown timing is varying, public parks, gyms, playing courts all remain closed, and therefore ‘Yoga’ is the answer. The best possible solution to balance our mental and physical health is ‘Yoga’.

India has given the best gift to the world through “Yoga”. As we progress in technology and sciences, the balance between human beings and nature needs to be balanced sustainably. The physical and mental well-being of humans will work to support nature to flourish and grow. The calmness we are finding outside is within us that we need to realize which is only possible with the help of Yoga.

The concept of health in terms of Yoga is beyond physical means and leads to the mental well-being of a person which further gives results in the Sustainable health of mankind. The goals set by the United Nations are working towards this sustainable growth of every living being on Earth and Yoga plays a key role in it.

Every year we celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June; we should also amend its importance in daily life and work accordingly. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals aim at sustainable health and environment-friendly health practices. We all should recognize a holistic approach towards Yoga and its health benefits. United Nations General Assembly resolution 69/131 endorsed by a record 175 countries in December 2014, proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga as India worked on it for years to happen and should be admired by the world too. Its benefits are endless and we should all admire it.

“Person who has health has hope, Person who has hope has a world”

Health plays an important part in human life and Covid-19 has taught us to appreciate our body and always take care of it. The person who has good health has the best soul. The soul of our body is our mental health. Even today we don’t talk much about mental health and there are few scientific theories to cure and balance our mental health so Yoga is a must. With the changing dynamics of the World with the hustle to live life, we all need to make peace in our minds first.

“The concept of sustainable health is the inclusion of both peaceful mind and good physical health”. We are not talking about perfect body shape or weight loss or typical Keto Diet but the ones which fuel our body like Meditation, Flexible Body, having good Mental Health which includes a peaceful mind and beautiful soul. To connect to the world, we need to connect to ourselves first and so Meditation is a must. If suddenly we need to climb a mountain or push a car, we should have that strength so Yoga is a must.

Making muscles look good is one thing but having that connection with the body is a must. Its benefits also include freedom from stress and bodily ailments and lead to positive energy in the thoughts process for more improved productivity. It is also a path that leads to spiritual calmness. It supports the cause of UN-SDG to achieve a universally shared common global vision to safe and sustainable space for living beings to live in.

The Yogic System of thoughts encourages people to fulfill life goals with a peaceful mind and good health. Therefore, Yoga is not just to practice but, “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"

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